Come and see a slide show of stunning spiral images gathered from both the natural world, and the world of human imagination.

Center for Symbolic Studies
Rosendale, NY
November 21, 2010

SPIRALZOOM is a presentation that explores the power, meaning and beauty of the spiral form. 

In this presentation we will explore resonances between ancient wisdom and contemporary scientific discoveries. The spiral motif is frequently found at sacred sites across the globe.  It often represents a doorway to another world and is associated with rebirth and the cycles of creation. As scientists learn more about spiral structures, like spiral galaxies and the double helix of the DNA they are learning that this familiar shape has deeply creative powers.

Our approach is that the spiral form is one of the fingerprints of the universe - a clue, a signature, present throughout all of Nature – that can provide deep insights into the inner workings of the cosmos.

In Spiralzoom we celebrate the many faces of this powerful and enduring form. The aim of integrating science into the mix is not to strip the symbol of its ancient magic, but rather to reinvigorate this archetype with fresh energy.

SPIRALZOOM brings art, myth and science together in a celebration of the spiral form.
Suzanne Hoover holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University in English and Comparative Literature.  She was for 25 years a full-time member of the Literature faculty of Sarah Lawrence College.  She is currently a member of the Graduate Writing faculty at Sarah Lawrence, and also teaches advanced fiction writing at the Westport Writers' Workshop in Connecticut. Suzanne studied with Joseph Campbell in the mid-50's.
Allison Hopper created SPIRALZOOM as part of her graduate work at N.Y.U. in the School of Education.
She studied with Suzanne Hoover when she was an undergraduate at Sarah Lawrence College (BA 1989.)

She is currently corresponding with
a wide group of scholars, artists and inventors who are working on spiral-inspired projects.